All our stunning diverse photos are based on real nature incidents and are exclusively taken in the wild – everywhere around the globe. In our home-country as well as in polar and arctic regions, in tropical rainforests, in African savannahs, deserts and high mountains, on islands, coastlines and finally on the open sea. All images solely originate from wild nature – either they show nature in her pure and amazing beauty, or they reflect human encounter with the nature.

The art of taking a picture is to catch the raw pureness in the perfect moment. In order to capture life as it is, we avoid any kind of non-natural influences, that means: no artificial light, no flashes and no filters. Only the effects of natural light conditions even under extreme conditions (Reflections, Beams of Sunlight, Water, Nightlight…), create the image and bring it to life.

In our gallery, we take the raw data and process them for further development. This is the crucial step where nature turns into art. During this final processing, the details and contours of the picture are shaped to emphasize its meaning, it gains more depth and maximum of significance. In this process, every photography becomes a story on its own, making it unique and special, creating an individual atmosphere that strikes the observer. Follow us on a journey which never stops…