was born in 1992 in Salzburg. Currently she lives in Vienna and Cape Town. Before she became a professional photographer, she studied classical singing. Numerous trips led her to Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the U.S, South-America and several African countries like Mozambique, the Seychelles, Namibia, Kenia, Tanzania, South-Africa and Zimbabwe. After her first journey to South-Africa in 2012, she decided to stop her singing career to live her true passions – photography and writing.

„People are prettiest, when they talk about something they love with passion in their eyes – I love this saying and it ́s absolutely true. When you are talking to me about my work, you will always see me smile and you will see the fire of passion in my eyes, because now, I do what I love, and I love what I do: I travel, I catch all the stunning facets of pure nature, I write books. I support projects to protect our earth and our environment, by helping poorer people to gain access to education, so they preserve the last remaining and untouched places of nature. This is very important to me. A world without nature is not a world worth living in for me. After you have seen as much as I have seen, you know, that you have to change something. Even if you cannot change it all, you always can make a step and change a little in the life of another person or of an animal. And that is enough.“



lives and works in Vienna as psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He is an art historian as well. He is honorary member of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) and member of the supervisory board of the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna. He wrote several books on integrating brain research and psychoanalysis. Since his childhood he went out into nature. The abundant colors of birdlife became his personal passion. More than 90 countries he has travelled so far. Wherever he goes, his camera is with him. His main focus: The birds of the world. About 3000 species he has seen to date and many of them he has taken pictures of. In addition, he became fascinated by other wildlife and scenery. Over a dozen times his pictures made it into the final round of the most renowned nature photography award, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year of the British Museum of Natural History in London. He also won prizes at the Universum Nature Photography Award.

„When I travel into nature I feel free like a bird. I try to catch the atmosphere in my photography. The aesthetic language of my pictures remains connected to the art history that trained my eye. In midst the jungles or out at sea, where life originated, I had the most touching nature experiences of my life. It is my artistic challenge to capture the intense emotions nature evokes in us, like freedom, drama or oceanic peace.”



native from Salzburg, spent part of her life in Australia. Today, she ́still loves her nomadic life style and enjoys every single free moment out in the wild. Her passion for aesthetic living, as well as her gift of deep listening will help art lovers to find the ideal piece of art.